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Great design, production and service meet in our hand crafted furniture.

A contemporary

furniture company

like no other...

Our vision is the creation of ranges contemporary furniture with a broad appeal, working predominantly with solid timber and finishes that enhance the nature of the wood. With excellent European craftsmanship and traditional techniques we create high quality pieces that people can enjoy for years in their homes.

Eero is a beautifully minimalistic contemporary range that features a striking shadow-line underneath the top panel, as well as handsomely curved legs that frame the side panels. Eero is designed to reflect and aid the simplicity we seek in contemporary life, its elegant proportions and light finish sit well alongside other modern pieces or can be used to striking affect alongside more traditional pieces to create an eclectic contrast.

Milo is a recent range which explores physical tension, it was developed with the concept of the piece being mechanically forced and held together against its own pressure, with our initial visual research looking at suspension bridges, cables, and industrial features. We refined this to a strong metal bracket which clamps each side of the top panel across all the pieces in the range, thus refining an industrial concept into a contemporary and stylish range.

Ettore is the sister range to Milo which features a different styling on the tables. Working from the same concept we decided to create an alternative set of dining and side tables to complement and expand the ideas within the original Milo range. Ettore explores physical tension in a more direct way, with contemporary and minimal metal framework running the length of the pieces as well as two metal rods converging on the central point of the base.

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